Sunday, 24. September 2017

Giving the Deep State More Leeway to Kill With Drones

By Conor Friedersdorf

Trump is poised to compound the most grave moral failing of his predecessor.

Trump Regime Is Looking to Make It Easier to Kill More People

Trump is reportedly poised to kill more people in more countries around the world, from Nigeria to the Philippines.

From Information Clearing House

Friday, 22. September 2017

Capitalism: The Nightmare

Trump Pushes US Closer to War

A Trump Doctrine of Hypocrisy

The Brutal Racial Politics of Climate Change and Pollution

Tweeting While the Planet Burns

Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch: Donald Trump s Washington is embarking on a 'military-first' policy in which resources, money and power are heading for the Pentagon and the US nuclear arsenal, while much of the rest of the government is downsized.


The World s Common Humanity and US Foreign Policy

Thursday, 21. September 2017

Defeating Trumpism, Rebuilding America

Wednesday, 20. September 2017

Trump took $107 million promised to charities and kept it

Aides to Trump: America Needs to Police the World to Protect Corporate Interests

How Trump s advisers schooled him on globalism's-advisers-schooled-him-on-globalism

Donald Trump took $107 million promised to charities and kept it

From Information Clearing House

The Trump Nightmare: How It Ends

Trump s Response to Climate-Related Disasters: Open America s 'Crown Jewels' to Oil Drilling

The American Military s Repetition-Compulsion Complex

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