Monday, 17. July 2017

Trump begs May to fix a 'warm welcome' for his state visit

From Information Clearing House

Friday, 14. July 2017

'Great Repeal Bill' in UK Could Have 'fundamental long-term effects on rights, poverty and the environment'

Tuesday, 11. July 2017

Chilcot, A Year On: UK Still America s Poodle

By Clare Short

If the US calls again, the UK poodle is likely to respond.

Saturday, 3. June 2017

Key Signs Brexit Is Already Damaging the UK Economy

The prospect of 'Brexit' is wreaking havoc on the country s finances.

Cause and Effect: John Pilger on Terror in Britain


Please take a moment to watch this Video. It will enhance your life and that of those who you will meet on life s journey.

From Information Clearing House

Wednesday, 19. April 2017

Theresa May has arrogantly and opportunistically called a Westminster election

It is time to take advantage of her extreme hubris and use her own momentum to make her fall flat on her face.

A Victory for Theresa May Will See Britain Dragged Further Towards War with Russia

By Colin Todhunter

Theresa May and Michael Fallon all read from the same script handed to them by the neoconservatives in Washington.

The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked

A shadowy global operation involving big data, billionaire friends of Trump and the disparate forces of the Leave campaign influenced the result of the EU referendum. Is our electoral process still fit for purpose?

Theresa May struggles to defend 'dementia tax' U-turn

What May s social care U-turn means for the election.

The British Establishment is Putting Our Lives at Risk

By Mark Curtis

Our State s Key Ally Is a Major Public Threat.

Theresa May: I ll rip up human rights laws

May is prepared to rip up human rights laws to impose new restrictions on terror suspects, as she sought to gain control over the security agenda just 36 hours before the polls open.

Theresa May in £1 billion deal with the DUP to prop up wobbly Government

From Information Clearing House

Saturday, 1. April 2017

Briten schaden sich mit EU-Austritt nur selbst

Deutsche Ökonomen sagen hohen Schaden für Wirtschaft vorher.

Tuesday, 21. March 2017

Brexit: Zusammenarbeit oder eine saftige Rechnung?

Auf Großbritannien kommt laut Medienberichten eine Rechnung von 60 Milliarden Euro zu.

Saturday, 25. February 2017

MPs call on Theresa May to release 'kill list' for UK drone strikes

Lord Macdonald, the former director of public prosecutions, has co-signed a letter to Theresa May calling for greater transparency on the UK s use of a 'kill list' for drone strikes targeting British fighters in Syria.

British drones 'may have killed 1,000 s of civilians'

The campaigners also revealed that armed British Reaper drones secretly crossed into Syria just weeks after a 2014 parliamentary vote limited military action against Isis to strictly within Iraq.,000s-of-civilians#.WLr1afISJLN

From Information Clearing House

Saturday, 28. January 2017

Theresa May is preparing to abandon plans for a British Bill of Rights, sources suggest

Ministers have confirmed that the Government s plans to scrap the Human Rights Act have been shelved until after Brexit.

Theresa May Wants British People to Feel 'Pride' in the Balfour Declaration

By Robert Fisk

What exactly is there to be proud of?

From Information Clearing House

Friday, 22. July 2016

UK could lose permanent seat on UN Security Council

In the memo, seen by Reuters, UN officials questioned whether Britain is worthy of being a veto-power on the council after we recently withdrew police officers from a peacekeeping mission in conflict-stricken South Sudan without consulting the international body.

From Information Clearing House

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