Monday, 25. June 2018

Brexit-Entscheidung könnte der britischen Wirtschaft schwer geschadet haben

Nach Schätzungen des Centre for European Reform ist die Wirtschaft um 2,1 Prozent gegenüber der prognostizierten Entwicklung ohne Brexit eingebrochen.

Sunday, 27. May 2018

UK 'chasing a fantasy' in Brexit talks, top EU official warns

Senior official says EU will not negotiate under threat, after a fraught week in Brussels.

UK: EU shoots down PM s Brexit customs plan

Third of UK export firms have already lost business directly due to Brexit

Brexit WARNING: France could BLOCK Calais to make Brexit HELL for Britain

Irish PM: Brexit undermines Good Friday Agreement

Brexit has 'undermined' the landmark Good Friday Agreement, which in 1998 ended decades of violence in Northern Ireland, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has said.

From Information Clearing House

Friday, 27. April 2018

Brits Vow Epic Street Protests to Counter 'Exceptional Danger' of Trump

Trump Visit: Campaigners To Protest 'Nuclear Warmonger of our Age

Saturday, 17. March 2018

WMD Lies Strike Again: The Skripal Incident

By Tony Cartalucci

The fact that the alleged creator of Novichok agents currently lives in the US suggests the West has knowledge of and the means to create Novichok agents themselves.

Humpty Dumpty Boris Johnson

By Finian Cunningham

The Americans and the British cannot tolerate the idea that their ability to launch wars and subversions in any part of the planet is no longer feasible.

UK involved in torture and rendition of terror suspects, say MPs

From Information Clearing House

Saturday, 11. November 2017

Brexit: Theresa May is misleading the public on reversing result

The Government can unilaterally stop Brexit if it wants to.

UK consumer confidence hits lowest level since Brexit vote

UK officially falls out of world s top five economies, Government admits £72 BILLION

The cost of Brexit is turning Britain into a second-rung nation

Brexit will cost Britain £72 billion in lost economic activity annually, according to an analysis of government figures.

UK approach to Brexit 'chaotic', leaked Irish report

EU backs Ireland on Brexit as government faces defeat

Ireland will block Brexit talks unless border issue agreed

Fifth of UK population now in poverty amid worst decline for children and pensioners in decades

Tory Brexit rebels inflict major defeat on Theresa May

EU Draws Brexit Battle Lines for Banks

The EU will reject free movement of both goods and services, the officials said.

UK s hopes for post-Brexit trade deal an illusion: Donald Tusk

EU Rejects UK Trade Demands and Says Brexit Means Losing Out

Brain prize winner calls Brexit a 'disaster' for the NHS and science

EU freezes Brexit talks until Britain produces 'realistic' Irish border solution

Brexit campaign was 'totally illegal', claims whistleblower

Cheating may have swayed Brexit poll

Trump questions Theresa May's Brexit plan in extraordinary intervention

'I'm not sure that's what people voted for'.

From Information Clearing House

Saturday, 19. August 2017

Horrifying law just passed in the UK; The IP bill will essentially remove UK citizens' right to privacy

From Information Clearing House

Monday, 17. July 2017

Trump begs May to fix a 'warm welcome' for his state visit

From Information Clearing House

Friday, 14. July 2017

'Great Repeal Bill' in UK Could Have 'fundamental long-term effects on rights, poverty and the environment'

Tuesday, 11. July 2017

Chilcot, A Year On: UK Still America s Poodle

By Clare Short

If the US calls again, the UK poodle is likely to respond.

Saturday, 3. June 2017

Key Signs Brexit Is Already Damaging the UK Economy

The prospect of 'Brexit' is wreaking havoc on the country s finances.

Cause and Effect: John Pilger on Terror in Britain


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Prime Minister will insist on border checks post-Brexit in a move likely to anger Dublin.

European Commission Responds To Theresa May Speech

UK will reject Brexit transition if no trade deal struck, says May

Brexit: Majority of British people believe UK should stay in the EU, finds latest poll

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Trump s Visit Marks the Start of Shock Doctrine Brexit

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