The Cheapening Of Human Life

Trump: 'I d Run in There Even If I Didn t Have Weapon'

The 'Pure Madness' of Our Vigilante President

Apparent Illegal Coordination Between President Trump, RNC, and Outside Groups

Trump Watches Gun March From Mar-A-Lago, '60 Minutes' From White House

On the Weaponization of Everyday Life

Refusal to Take on NRA Leading to 'Slaughter After Slaughter'


'Violence Is in the DNA of American Society'

By Allen Ruff and Henry A. Giroux

In the face of the ongoing mass shootings of children, it is not just the gunmen who have blood on their hands.

Florida shooter s JROTC took NRA money, excelled at marksmanship

Liberal Media Trashes NRA for JROTC Donation

Junior ROTC leader shocked that Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz was his cadet

Defying NRA, Florida Lawmakers Back Raising Age Limits on Assault Rifles

The NRA is being supported by these companies

Sheriff releases calls about Florida school shooter
The most serious warning, advised that Cruz was likely to conduct a school shooting.

Three other Broward County Sheriff's deputies were also outside the school and had not entered

If You Really Want to Save Lives, Take Aim at Government Violence

By John W. Whitehead

Why is no one taking aim at the U.S. government as the greatest purveyor of violence in American society and around the world?

Oliver North, Cocaine Traffickers And Arm Terrorists. Now He ll Be President of the NRA

By Jon Schwarz

The extraordinarily sordid nature of North s past will be clear to anyone who appraises it honestly.

From Information Clearing House

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