In Iran and North Korea, Trump Is Playing With Nuclear Fire

Marjorie Cohn, Truthout: Donald Trump s bombastic and frightening threats against North Korea and Iran may portend a catastrophic attack that could impact the entire world. We must pressure the White House and Congress members alike, and hope that cooler heads prevail.


With Bomber Flyover, Trump Denounced for 'Trying to Provoke War' With N. Korea

'Recipe for Disaster': Trump s Betrayal of Iran Nuclear Deal Condemned as 'Reckless'

Trump s Speech Against Iran Deal a National Disgrace

Trump Recklessly Decertifies Iran Deal Without Cause

5 Myths About War With North Korea That Make Americans Think They Are Safe

?De-certifying? the Iran Deal May Be Trump s Most Reckless Decision Yet

The Real Reason Behind Trump s Angry Diplomacy in North Korea

Iran Doesn t Have a Nuclear Weapons Program. Why Do Media Keep Saying It Does?

Trump and the Second Coming of Nuclear Nightmares

Lawmakers Want to Forbid Trump From Launching Unauthorized Preemptive Strike Against North Korea


The Deep State s Bogus 'Iranian Threat'

By David Stockman

Another false narrative that enables the $1 trillion Warfare State to continue bleeding the nation s fiscal solvency.

Trump Shoots the US in the Foot Over Iran

By Eric Margolis

Trump has put the United States on the course for war with Iran.

Why Trump Has Gone Nuclear On Iran

By Pepe Escobar

Washington simply cannot be trusted to keep its promises related to any major geopolitical deal.

Trump Pushes War with Iran

By Finian Cunningham

Saudi Arabia s provocative accusations against Iran are not just isolated bluster from Riyadh.

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