The 'Giant Bait and Switch' Trump Presidency

6-Month Update for Trump Voters

Voting Rights Groups Condemn Trump s Election Commission

The Torture-Friendly Trump Administration

Yes, Crimes Were Committed

Trump s Corporate Presidency Delivers Benefits to Business, Harms Public

Critics Slam Kushner for Arguing Inexperience Excuses Russian Contacts

The Trump Election Commission Exists Solely to Justify a Trump Lie

Kushner s Company Issued Subpoena Over Misuse of Visa Program

Calling Out the Kobach Commission for What It Is


Trump s Bogus 'Voter Fraud' Commission Is Just Trolling the US

Heather Digby Parton, Salon: Trump s Election Integrity Commission is led by vote-suppression zealot, Kansas Secretary of State and paid Breitbart columnist Kris Kobach, who is determined to ensure that both legal and illegal immigration are stopped and that voting is made as difficult as possible for marginalized groups and young people who tend to vote Democratic.

Trump Voter Fraud Commission Is Sued by One of Its Own Commissioners

Jessica Huseman, ProPublica: A Democratic member of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity filed a suit against the commission in federal court on Thursday, alleging that its Republican leadership has intentionally excluded him from deliberations and violated federal transparency laws. The commission has been sued more times (eight, including the new filing) than it has officially convened for meetings.

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