Nation s First 'For-Profit President' as Trump Refuses To Divest

Proposed Labor Secretary s Anti-Labor Record Comes Under Fire

Rex Tillerson Is Big Oil Personified. The Damage He Can Do Is Immense

Searching for Integrity in Trumplandia

Trump Diverts Attention From Massive Conflicts of Interests, Wall Street Takeover of Washington

Press Corps to President-Elect Trump: Rules Are Ours to Set, Not Yours


Torture Allegations Shadow Donald Trump s Secretary of State

As Tillerson seeks to become America s top diplomat, another aspect of his past should come under scrutiny: his former company s troubling ties to allegations of torture and other grave human rights abuses in Indonesia.

Tillerson Disagrees With Trump on Nearly Everything

'These suggest some tensions with the president-elect.'

Rex Tillerson May Have Held Millions In ExxonMobil Stock As Trump Promoted The Oil Giant

Trump s secretary of state held almost $50 million worth of ExxonMobil shares at the time of his nomination.

From Information Clearing House


Trump's Health and Human Services Pick Has One of the Worst Campaign Disclosure Records in Congress

Ashley Balcerzak, Center for Responsive Politics: Rep. Tom Price, Donald Trump s pick to head the Department of Health and Human Services, has come under fire for buying and selling shares of companies in the health care industry whose fortunes he could affect through his perch in Congress. Critics have also accused him of intervening with regulators on behalf of some of his donors in the medical field.

State-Sanctioned Torture in the Age of Trump

Marjorie Cohn, Truthout: Trump and his cabinet picks are on record defending torture as a legitimate form of interrogation, even calling torturers "patriots." With the torturers hired by the Bush administration having escaped prosecution, Trump s administration may feel that it can use torture with impunity.

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