Trumpism Meets Neoliberalism

Michael Corcoran, Truthout: As Donald Trump appoints his staff, it s clear that the White House will host both neoliberal Republican elites and advocates of the overtly racist ideology on which Trump ran his campaign. Trump s cabinet is brewing a dangerous new hybrid ideology at the center of power in Washington.

White Nationalist Groups Emboldened by Trump s Election and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon

Juan González, Democracy Now!: A video leaked Monday from a white nationalist conference that took place over the weekend in Washington, DC, shows hundreds gathering to celebrate Donald Trump s victory and raising their arms in the traditional Nazi salute, saying 'Heil victory!'

Is a Trump Presidency Good News for the Military-Industrial Complex?

William D. Hartung, TomDispatch: The defense industry, expecting more government contracts, has been popping the champagne corks in the wake of Donald Trump s victory. What other evidence do we have that Trump will dramatically increase Pentagon spending? One clue is his potential appointees to national security positions.

Trump s National Security Adviser Facilitated the Murder of Civilians in Afghanistan

Gareth Porter, Truthout: Corporate media coverage suggests Donald Trump s choice for national security adviser, Michael J. Flynn, had a highly successful intelligence career. In reality, he was responsible for creating a system for targeting suspected insurgents that resulted in the indiscriminate killing and incarceration of thousands of innocent Afghan civilians in 2009 and 2010.

Four Terrifying People Who Are Meeting With Trump

Robin Marty, Care2: Republican President-elect Donald Trump has had a myriad of political leaders and power brokers parading through his offices since his surprise election win. However, some people talking to Trump aren t just mainstream GOPers and should have you concerned for the next four years.

Trump s Secretary of Defense Presided Over Slaughter of Civilians in Fallujah

Marjorie Cohn, Truthout: Trump s choice for secretary of defense is a general who said, 'it s fun to shoot some people,' but some of his positions on Iran and Israel are a little more nuanced. It s now up to the people to pressure Congress and the White House to pursue peace.

Trump Has Appointed More Generals to His Cabinet Than Any President Since World War II

Amy Goodman and Juan González, Democracy Now!: Andrew Bacevich, a retired colonel and Vietnam War veteran, discusses Donald Trump s appointment of military generals, including James 'Mad Dog' Mattis, Michael Flynn and John Kelly. Why is Trump filling his Cabinet with generals?

The Inevitable Rise of Trumplandia: Market Ideology Ate Our Democracy

Paul Thomas, Medium: The robber baron era of US history was no blip on the country s radar; it revealed part of who we really were. Similarly, the current ascension of Trumplandia is simply a more full unmasking of our complete failure at democracy and human liberation.

Trump s Cabinet, the Church of Neoliberal Evangelicals

Henry A. Giroux and Kim Brown, The Real News Network and Truthout: Trumps cabinet, made up almost entirely of incompetent and mean-spirited billionaires and generals, represents support of the worst elements of militarism and neoliberalism. We have to be prepared for all-out war on education, social provisions, workers, unions, the poor and the most vulnerable.

With Trump Election, We Are Now Facing Threats to the Survival of the Human Species

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: In this video, Noam Chomsky warns that we now face the most severe threats that have ever arisen in human history. The intellectual provides an overview of his global concerns, and says that even though the dangers are undeniable, there are real opportunities to change course.

Trump s America and the New World Order

C.J. Polychroniou, Truthout: In this exclusive Truthout interview, Noam Chomsky analyzes Donald Trump s appointments, a lethal combination of corporate bigwigs and military men with plenty of know-nothing about political affairs and diplomacy. Chomsky also offers insights into the new tendencies in world order, and the US s isolation.

Three Things You Should Know About Gen. John Kelly

Kathryn Johnson, American Friends Service Committee: Gen. John Kelly, who has been selected to head the Department of Homeland Security, is a staunch supporter of border militarization and the military prison at Guantánamo Bay. He also displays a serious disregard for basic human rights. Congress members will need to challenge his destructive positions at every turn.


Trump's Inner Circle: Here Come the Troglodytes

By Melvin Goodman

The appointment of a neo-conservative national security team points the Trump administration in an extreme hardline direction. -

Trump Says Any Conflicts Of Interest Were Priced Into Your Vote

By Paul Blumenthal

'President-elect Trump seems to think that he will be able to enrich himself as president and blame the press when he is caught...'

Donald Trump picks anti-Muslim intel officer to be national security adviser

Donald Trump has tapped an immigration hardliner and a former intelligence officer to be top members of his administration.

Trump s Economic Plan; This Isn t Going to Work

By Mike Whitney

Will Donald Trump be good for the US economy? -

Electoral College Must Not Elect Donald Trump Unless He Sells His Business

The former ethics lawyers for president Barack Obama and George W Bush have asked the electoral college to not appoint Donald Trump as the next president due to his potential conflicts of interest.

Trump s tax plan: massive cuts for the 1% will usher 'era of dynastic wealth'

More than eight million low-income and single-parent families will face sharp tax increases under Donald Trump exacerbating income inequality, experts warn.

7 Reasons that the Corporate Media Is Pro-War

By WashingtonsBlog

The government has exerted tremendous pressure on the media to report things a certain way.

Neoconservatism Is An Omnicidal Death Cult, And It Must Be Stopped

From Information Clearing House


What Populism? Trump s America Is Party Time for the Corporate Elite

Trumping It Up: Neoliberalism on Steroids,+Medium

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