The People vs Tony Blair

'Years after Blair s resignation the full extent of the crisis caused by opposition to the Iraq war began to surface'.

Blair Warmongers for Ground Invasion of Syria and Iraq

By Steven MacMillan

Blair belongs behind bars; not in the public arena advocating another ludicrous and nefarious war in the Middle East.

Is the UK s Iraq Inquiry Set to *Savage* Tony Blair?

By Felicity Arbuthnot

It can only be hoped that Chilcot throws the book at this despicable human being.

The Iraq Chilcot Inquiry, *Apology* from *Alleged* War Criminal Tony Blair

By Felicity Arbuthnot

In Iraq, Bush and Blair s body count continues thirteen years and 5 weeks after *Mission accomplished*.

Iraq War Planned Before Blair Told Public


Ex-Navy chief Admiral Lord West says he was told to prepare for an Iraq invasion before a decision was officially announced.

The Killings of Tony Blair


This feature-length documentary, co-written and presented by George Galloway, examines the prime-ministerial career of Tony Blair and his business activities since leaving office, a role that Galloway describes as 'The Blair Rich Project'.

Iraq War Families smash crowdfund target to put Tony Blair on trial

The online fundraiser hit its first target of £50,000 (US$66,000) within a day of launching on Tuesday, and it is now rapidly
approaching its secondary target of £150,000.

Sign this petition: Parliament should hold Tony Blair to account for the war in Iraq

Parliament should now agree a process by which it can hold the former Prime Minister to account.

Ex British Ambassador Makes Astonishing Speech About Tony Blair, George Bush, War and Profit

By Craig Murray

Craig Murray talks about how the same people turn out to be behind the same wars in very different parts of the world.

Blair is back! Former PM announces he is 'returning to British politics'

He thinks there s a 'massive hole in British politics' that he can fill. Mr Blair is setting up a new institute that will seek to influence and advise the Brexit process.

Tony Blair must be prosecuted for Iraq War, high court hears

Iraq: Will Tony Blair Finally Stand Trial for His Part in the 'Supreme International Crime'?

By Felicity Arbuthnot

It is ten years nearly to the day since Blair left Downing Street, left Iraq bathed in blood and tears and walked off to make £millions.

From Information Clearing House


On Eve of Chilcot, Critics Intensify Calls for Tony Blair to Face 'Reckoning'

Damning Chilcot Report Confirms Iraq Invasion Was Bush/Blair s War of Choice


Tony Blair Is a War Criminal for Pushing Us Into Illegal War

Amy Goodman and Juan González, Democracy Now!: While Iraq is marking a third day of mourning, a long-awaited British inquiry into the Iraq War has just been released. Private correspondence between former Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President George W. Bush details how Blair pushed the UK into the war despite a lack of concrete intelligence.

Bush Lied, So Did Blair

Calvin F. Exoo, Truthout: The newly released Chilcot Report on Iraq is British understatement, to a fault. The lies of George W. Bush and Tony Blair are apparent in a simple comparison of what White House officials said about Iraq in the run-up to war with what they knew at the time.


Whitewash Won t Cover Blair s Guiltález

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