American Exceptionalism and American Torture

By William Blum

If the torturers of the Bush and Obama administrations are not held accountable in the United States they must be pursued internationally under the principles of universal jurisdiction.

Meet Alfreda Bikowsky, the Senior Officer at the Center of the CIA s Torture Scandals

By Glenn Greenwald and Peter Maass

This officer, is the same one who *dropped the ball when the C.I.A. was given information that might very well have prevented the 9/11 attacks; she gleefully participated in torture sessions afterward.

America, Nation of Torturers: Stop Saying *This Isn t Who We Are*, Here s The Real Truth

By Charles Davis

Terrible findings in the torture report *are not who we are,* John Kerry claims. Well, here s a U.S. history lesson.

Torturing Democracy: None of us can any longer 'Cover Our Eyes' to CIA abuses

The torture chambers operated in the dark while Washington gave them cover. Torture was not the work of a few *bad apples* in the CIA or the military, but the result of official policy set at the government s highest levels.

Abolishing the CIA

By Robert C. Koehler

One can no more 'authorize' torture than rape or slavery. Torture inhabits that same moral category, which ethicists label intrinsic evil, always wrong, whether it 'works' or not."

The Forgotten Futility of Torture

By Lawrence Davidson

Half of the American public even now believes that the use of torture was both justified and provided worthwhile intelligence. It is probable that the opinion of most elected officials is no different.

The Road to Torture: It s All-American

By Philip Giraldi

The United States is now regarded by most of the world as a hypocritical rogue regime where torture is allowed and then covered up.

Obama Says He Is Improving the World

By Eric Zuesse

He asserts: *wherever we have been involved over the last several years, I think the outcome has been better because of American leadership.*

The Imperial Presidency Comes to Kaneohe Klipper s 16th Hole

By Gary Chartier

The president is treated, not like an ordinary citizen but instead like a demigod.

Were NATO Dogs Used to Rape Afghan Prisoners at Bagram Air Base?

By Emran Feroz

Afghan prisoners were tied face down on small chairs, Jack said. Then fighting dogs entered the torture chamber.

The Torture Debate in the USA

By Bill Fletcher Jr.

For the U.S. public, to recognize the futility of torture is to call into question their own silence during the 2000s.

The Greatest Trick Obama Ever Pulled Was Convincing The World America Isn t Still At War

By Trevor Timm

As long as the White House doesn t admit the United States is at war, we are all supposed to pretend as if that s true.

Obama Has Killed More People with Drones than Died On 9/11

By Washingtons Blog

Many of those killed were civilians, and only a tiny percentage of the dead were al-Qaeda or Taliban leaders.

US Presidents Are Gods

By David Swanson

Killer flying robots rain hell from the skies worldwide, and neither Congress nor the Washington Post nor the people who lock up governors for taking bribes can even imagine questioning that power, that privilege, that divine right.

There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See

By Philip Giraldi

Obama fancies himself the leader of the "free world" yet he heads a nation that until recently organized black site prisons for torturing suspects and which continues to use armed drones to kill innocent and guilty alike.

Ron Paul On Paris Attack: Bad Foreign Policy *Invites Retaliation*

*It s that overall policy which invites retaliation, and they see us as intruders.*

CIA Held Detainees at Lithuania Black Site, Investigators Claim

A dossier and briefing submitted to the Lithuanian prosecutor cross references newly obtained flight records with extracts from the US Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA detention and interrogation, which was declassified in December.

Did Gitmo *Suicides* Cover Up Murder?

U.S. Sgt. Speaks Out on Deaths & Prison s Secret CIA Site.

How US Prison Officials Rubber-Stamped a CIA Torture Chamber

The CIA's chief interrogator called it *the closest thing he has seen to a dungeon.*

Guantánamo Diary Exposes Brutality of US Rendition and Torture

By Spencer Ackerman in New York and Ian Cobain in London

How Mohamedou Ould Slahi endured savage beatings, death threats and sexual humiliation.

Prison State America: Inmates Becoming Corporate Slaves In For-profit Facilities

By Chris Hedges

Inmates work eight hours per day for major corporations such as Chevron, Motorola, Nordstrom's and Target, yet only have the possibility of making up $1.25 an hour.

U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy

By Brendan James

Rich, well-connected individuals on the political scene now steer the direction of the country, regardless of or even against the will of the majority of voters.

Guantanamo detainee raped by three female interrogators

The former US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld should be charged with conspiracy to torture in light of the alleged ill-treatment - including sexual abuse, documented by Mohamedou Ould Slahi during his 12 years detention without charge in Guantanamo Bay, his lawyer has claimed.

Pentagon agency wants drones to hunt in packs, like wolves

*Just as wolves hunt in coordinated packs with minimal communication, multiple CODE-enabled unmanned aircraft would collaborate to find, track, identify and engage targets, all under the command of a single human mission supervisor,* said Jean-Charles Ledé, the program s manager, in a statement.

Worse Than Fascism?

By Paul Street

The contemporary U.S. model is some ways worse than classic or real historical fascism in advancing tyrannical imperial and state-capitalist goals.

From Information Clearing House


Refusing To Wage War

ACLU and Human Rights Watch Call for Criminal Investigation of Torture Program

Udall Urged to Disclose Full Torture Report

Endless War and the Victory of ?Perception Management?

White House: 'We Look Forward' to Working with GOP on Limitless War Authorization

How US Prison Officials Rubberstamped a CIA Torture Chamber

Obama s Drone Program 'The Most Extreme Terrorist Campaign of Modern Times'

Drones and the New Ethics of War

A Corporate Coup d'Etat


The United States Is Committing Brutal Acts of Torture Right Now

Nafeez Ahmed, AlterNet: The grisly details of CIA torture have finally been at least partly aired. But much of the media coverage of this issue is missing the crucial bigger picture: the rehabilitation of torture under the Obama administration, and its systematic use to manufacture false intelligence to justify endless war.

Torture s Time for Accountability

Ray McGovern, Consortium News: The United States' reputation for cognitive dissonance is being tested by the Senate report documenting the US government s torture of detainees and the fact that nothing is happening to those responsible.

Killer Drones Are a Lethal Extension of American Exceptionalism

Marjorie Cohn, Olive Branch Press: "Like his predecessor, Obama defines virtually the entire world as a battlefield, ostensibly obviating the necessity to provide due process before execution," the author writes in this introduction to Drones and Targeted Killing.

Reflections on Torture: The Real Reason Why

Emanuel E. Garcia, Truthout: Torture is illegal and immoral, known to be ineffective in extracting *intelligence* and an inferior way of creating desired intelligence. Why then has the state condoned its use?

The Torture Debate Is Missing This: The Fact That We Did This Before

Paul Kramer, History News Network: Past and present seem to come together in official declarations that US military actions are dictated by the mandates of an *exceptional* kind of war against a uniquely treacherous and broadly defined *enemy.*

How Outraged Is the Obama Administration About Torture?

Julio Sharp-Wasserman, Truthout: Since the Bush era, there has been no fundamental change in the policy of torturing for intelligence in the face of imminent threats. Suspects have merely been tortured in different locations and through a slightly altered bureaucratic process.

Killing Is Not a Way of Life

Eleanor J. Bader, Truthout: We are making a choice: It would cost some $50 billion a year to end starvation and provide clean water to all human beings compared with the $1.9 trillion spent yearly on militarism, David Swanson writes in his new book.

Eighty People Control Half of the World s Wealth and All of the Elected Officials

Crystal Shepeard, Care2: Global poverty has continued to rise and it's only going to get worse. Oxfam has predicted that if we do nothing, the wealthiest 1% of the world will control the same amount of wealth as the other 99% combined do.

The Super-Rich Can t Hide From the Rest of Us

Michael Winship, Moyers & Company: The rich are getting ready to run away from the mess they've helped create. The wealthy hedge fund managers buying up remote retreats far from the madding crowd shouldn t be hiding out of fear. They should be hiding out of shame.


Obama and torture


Americans more interested in brand name than political change

Observations on the CIA Torture Report

Beyond the Foreign Policy Lies: Our Compliant Media and the Truth About American Exceptionalism

US Media Are State Media

Crime and CIA Embarrassments

War Revisionism, Fascism, and the CIA


Endless fog of endless war

Common Sense
by Paul Jacob


Our decade-plus in Iraq and Afghanistan has cost us greatly and accomplished little good, if any. Even a century of Americans fighting and occupying and pacifying these countries will not succeed. The cost, not just in billions of tax dollars, but also in thousands of our countrymen dead and maimed, is unacceptable. It s time to really end the 'endless' wars...

The American president: A modern king

Tenth Amendment Center
by Dave Benner


Citizens in the United States are usually proud of its constitutional system. After all, its conception of government was completely unique in the world, and Americans were responsible for creating written constitutions. Still, modern government largely throws the constitutional system to the wind, adopting a political atmosphere more consistent with a monarchy than a republic. The modern presidency has assumed a higher level of authority than was imagined during the construction of the Constitution and ratification debates. As a result, the modern executive has more power than an 18th century king...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp,+History+News

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