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The Cheapening Of Human Life
https://info.commondreams. org/acton/ct/33231/s-0114- 1802/Bct/q-003a/l-sf-lead- 0014:208ed/ct11_0/1?sid=TV 2%3ArjmADZyhE Trump: 'I d Run in There Even If I Didn t Have Weapon' https://info.commo ndreams.org/acton/ct/33231 /s-0117-1802/Bct/q-003a/l- sf-lead-0014:208ed/ct6_0/1 ?sid=TV2%3AU3ODwtI62 The. .. ...
rudkla - 19. May, 06:03

Why Drone Strikes Harm America
L. Michael Hager, Truthout: Despite global outrage, the Obama administration is debating whether to expand the drone program to target American citizens living abroad, proof that the termination of the... ...
rudkla - 23. Apr, 09:47

"Citizens" United: Bain Capital, Clear Channel and Those Voter Fraud Billboards
Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: The anonymous donor behind a voter fraud billboard campaign would rather pull the ads than be identified, raising questions about ties to Romney-founded Bain Capital and its ownership... ...
rudkla - 2. Nov, 23:11

Kucinich: US Drone Program Is 'Vigilantism Conducted by Robots'
http://www.commondreams.or g/headline/2012/06/29-3 W eapons Builders Bank on Proliferation of Drones http://www.commondr eams.org/headline/2012/07/ 02 Weak Apology, Deflected Blame and Continued Drone Strikes http://www.commond reams.org/headline/2012/07 /04-2 -------- In... ...
rudkla - 10. Jul, 09:41

The Real Costs of War
Bill Moyers, Moyers & Co.: ''Most discussion about the 'costs of war' focuses on two numbers: dollars spent and American troops who gave their lives. A decade into the war on terror, those official... ...
rudkla - 5. Apr, 05:38

Attacking Iran: Because We Can, Does Not Mean We Should
By Camillo mac Bica The United States must be vigilant and not succumb to the political blackmail and intimidation of any nation, or to the undue influence of powerful lobbying cabals such as AIPAC.... ...
rudkla - 3. Mar, 14:30

Erste Erfolge der ACTA-Proteste
Erste Erfolge der ACTA-Proteste Polen setzt den Ratifizierungsprozess aus und die slowenische Botschafterin entschuldigt sich für ihre Unterschrift: Artikel von Peter Mühlbauer in telepolis... ...
rudkla - 16. Feb, 05:24

Can Americans Be Unplugged?
The ongoing bin Laden saga By Paul Craig Roberts Has anyone independent of Washington examined the alleged bin Laden diary and confirmed that it was in bin Laden s handwriting? These kind of questions... ...
rudkla - 28. Jun, 10:15

Opium Production in Afghanistan: Strong and Corrupt as Ever
Nadia Prupis, Truthout: "Efforts by the United Nations (UN), the US military and the Indian government to curb opium production in Afghanistan since 2007 have been largely ineffective, due in large part... ...
rudkla - 22. Sep, 08:05

Project Vigilant: New Face of Total Information Awareness Goes Public
Shadowy Spy Group Building Dossiers On Internet Users For Feds Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com Monday, August 2, 2010 An organization that tracks 250 million IP addresses a day has been developing... ...
rudkla - 20. Sep, 16:38

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When Will Democrats Start...
https://info.commondreams. org/acton/ct/33231/s-00c5- 1801/Bct/q-003a/l-sf-lead- 0014:208ed/ct18_0/1?sid=TV 2%3Asp7wBj5k6 Trump...
rudkla - 23. Oct, 05:44
Enemy Of Our Future
By Lawrence Davidson John Bolton, and his boss President...
rudkla - 21. Oct, 05:31
How Corporate Power Killed...
By Richard Moser Corporate power has replaced democracy...
rudkla - 21. Oct, 05:26
Impeach Trump for Separating...
Trump has violated the Universal Declaration of Human...
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The Case for Imposing...
https://info.commondreams. org/acton/ct/33231/s-0255- 1808/Bct/q-003a/l-sf-lead- 0014:208ed/ct25_0/1?sid=TV 2%3AtLMrmBFLP -------- C ould...
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