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Mr. President, The Disgrace Is All Yours
http://www.commondreams.or g/views/2017/03/24/mr-pres ident-disgrace-all-yours Call Grows for 'Total Shutdown' Over Alleged Trump-Russia Collusion http://www.commo ndreams.org/news/2017/03/2 4/call-grows-total-shutdow n-over-alleged-trump-russi a-collusion Climate... ...
rudkla - 18. Apr, 06:44

Climate Change and the Coming 'Humanitarian Crisis of Epic Proportions'
http://www.commondreams.or g/news/2016/12/01/climate- change-and-coming-humanita rian-crisis-epic-proportio ns http://www.sharenews -blog.com:8090/helma/twoda y/sharenews/search?q=clima te+change http://www.share news-blog.com:8090/helma/t woday/sharenews/search?q=D eirdre+Fulton ...
rudkla - 2. Dec, 06:15

Why bomb Syria, the most bombed country on the planet?
There is no humanitarian solution which can be achieved by more bombing of Syria, or by further stoking up the civil war. http://stopwar.org.u k/index.php/news/why-does- hilary-benn-want-to-bomb-s yria-the-most-bombed-count ry-on-the-planet In... ...
rudkla - 11. Dec, 08:35

Under the cover of humanitarian aid: The U.S. military is all over Africa
AFRICOM stretches far wider than the public is being told, and it's only going to get bigger in the years to come. http://www.salon.co m/2015/11/21/americas_secr et_military_bases_in_afric a_partner/ From... ...
rudkla - 22. Nov, 05:26

Why the U.S. Owns the Rise of Islamic State and the Syria Disaster
By Gareth Porter Pundits and politicians are already looking for a convenient explanation for the twin Middle East disasters of the rise of Islamic State and the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria. http://www.informationcl earinghouse.info/article43 088.htm Listen... ...
rudkla - 21. Mar, 22:21

The Yemen crisis is partly our fault. We can no longer facilitate this war
Op-Ed Yemen has turned into a humanitarian disaster, where thousands of bombs are being dropped, 1.5 million people are displaced and more than 90% of the population is in need of assistance. http://www.th eguardian.com/commentisfre e/2015/oct/05/america-yeme n-crisis-is-partly-our-fau lt US... ...
rudkla - 5. Mar, 06:13

Media Are Blamed as US Bombing of Afghan Hospital Is Covered Up
http://www.commondreams.or g/views/2015/10/05/media-a re-blamed-us-bombing-afgha n-hospital-covered The US Massacre in Kunduz Exposes the Bankruptcy of Obama s National-Security Policy http://www.commondr eams.org/views/2015/10/07/ us-massacre-kunduz-exposes -bankruptcy-obamas-nationa l-security-policy Evidenc e... ...
rudkla - 7. Nov, 06:02

Cameron Won t Take Refugees Who Have Reached Europe
Like There s a Humanitarian Offside Rule By Frankie Boyle It only took David Cameron six years to finally come out and take a moral stand, and all it took was the death of one toddler. http://www.informationcl earinghouse.info/article42 869.htm http://www.shar enews-blog.com:8090/helma/ twoday/sharenews/search?q= humanitarian http://www.sh arenews-blog.com:8090/helm a/twoday/sharenews/search? q=Britain http://www.share news-blog.com:8090/helma/t woday/sharenews/search?q=B ritish http://www.sharenew s-blog.com:8090/helma/twod ay/sharenews/search?q=Davi d+Cameron http://www.share news-blog.com:8090/helma/t woday/sharenews/search?q=r efugee http://www.sharenew s-blog.com:8090/helma/twod ay/sharenews/search?q=Fran kie+Boyle ...
rudkla - 16. Sep, 06:10

UN Security Council is 'failing' war-wracked world says Red Cross
The Red Cross has warned that the world is facing conflict on an *unprecedented* scale, fuelled by the international community s failure to work together to end wars and humanitarian crises. http://news.yahoo .com/un-security-council-f ailing-war-wracked-world-s ays-201753038.html From. .. ...
rudkla - 13. Jun, 06:09

US Military Expansion in Africa Is About Domination and Exploitation, Not Humanitarian Concerns
Mark Karlin, Truthout: Author Nick Turse discusses his book, Tomorrow s Battlefield, about the extension of the US military mission in Africa and how the continent is targeted for its rich natural resources... ...
rudkla - 3. Jun, 05:50

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Trump Year One: Betrayal,...
Thomas J. Scott, Truthout: Since his election, Trump...
rudkla - 20. Nov, 06:30
Donald Trump: God of...
https://info.commondreams. org/acton/ct/33231/s-0038- 1710/Bct/q-003a/l-sf-lead- 0014:208ed/ct14_0/1?sid=TV 2%3AdMW6teKvr Take...
rudkla - 20. Nov, 06:25
Bolstering Case for Impeachment,...
https://www.commondreams.o rg/news/2017/10/10/bolster ing-case-impeachment-study -concludes-trump-likely-ob structed-justice As...
rudkla - 19. Nov, 22:40
Fearing Trump, Congress...
https://info.commondreams. org/acton/ct/33231/s-0072- 1711/Bct/q-003a/l-sf-lead- 0014:208ed/ct2_0/1?sid=TV2 %3AZypwndjis The...
rudkla - 19. Nov, 06:31
We Must Stop Mass Murder
https://www.commondreams.o rg/views/2017/10/05/concer t-las-vegas-funeral-yemen- we-must-stop-mass-murder The...
rudkla - 19. Nov, 06:28




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