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Time to Impeach Trump
Marjorie Cohn, Truthout: It s time to urge the House of Representatives to bring articles of impeachment against Trump for his abuse of power and before he launches a new civil war and/or nuclear war.... ...
rudkla - 19. Aug, 22:37

Nation s First 'For-Profit President' as Trump Refuses To Divest
http://www.commondreams.or g/news/2017/01/11/nations- first-profit-president-tru mp-refuses-divest Propose d Labor Secretary s Anti-Labor Record Comes Under Fire http://www.commondrea ms.org/news/2017/01/11/pro posed-labor-secretarys-ant i-labor-record-comes-under -fire Rex... ...
rudkla - 9. Mar, 06:35

Pentagon Asks Psychologists to Reconsider Torture Ban, Argues 'You Never Know...'
http://www.commondreams.or g/news/2016/01/25/pentagon -asks-psychologists-recons ider-torture-ban-argues-yo u-never-know Imperial Affluenza http://www.commo ndreams.org/views/2016/02/ 11/imperial-affluenza-pent agon-worlds-deadliest-spoi led-brat The... ...
rudkla - 15. Sep, 22:41

Torture Report at One Year: Unread, Unpunished, and Still Up for Debate
http://www.commondreams.or g/news/2015/12/09/torture- report-one-year-unread-unp unished-and-still-debate A Year After Torture Report, Impunity Persists http://www.common dreams.org/newswire/2015/1 2/09/year-after-torture-re port-impunity-persists -- ------ Why... ...
rudkla - 20. Dec, 06:38

Probe Targets NATO Torture and Abuse in Afghanistan
http://www.commondreams.or g/news/2015/11/13/icc-actu ally-investigating-western -powers-probe-targets-nato -torture-and-abuse ------ -- Afghanistan: US drone strike kills 12 people in E Afghanistan At least... ...
rudkla - 17. Nov, 08:21

US Special Ops Missions in Africa Fail to Stem Rise of Human Rights Abuses
Nick Turse, TomDispatch: Since 9/11, Africa has increasingly been viewed by the Pentagon as a place of problems to be remedied by military means. And as terror groups have multiplied, proxies have foundered... ...
rudkla - 11. Sep, 06:11

Martial Law in the United States
Shahid Buttar, Truthout: Being Black in Baltimore in recent days meant being imprisoned in your home: another example of communities of color being subject to an unequal criminal legal system and arbitrary... ...
rudkla - 6. May, 06:09

Sex, Drugs and Dead Soldiers: What US Africa Command Doesn't Want You to Know
Nick Turse, TomDispatch: With taxpayer money covering the salaries of lawbreakers and the men and women who investigate them, with the United States' sons dying after alcohol and drug binges and its daughters... ...
rudkla - 22. Apr, 06:05

Guantanamo Diary: A Tale of Captivity, Rendition and Torture
L. Michael Hager, Truthout: In Mohamedou Ould Slahi s recently published Guantánamo Diary, we learn what it s like to be imprisoned and tortured without charge. The tortures and humiliation he experienced... ...
rudkla - 9. Mar, 05:56

Chicago Police Secretly Detain, Abuse Americans at Domestic 'Black Site'
http://www.commondreams.or g/news/2015/02/24/chicago- police-secretly-detain-abu se-americans-domestic-blac k-site Answers Demanded Following Fatal Shooting of Homeless Man by LAPD http://www.commondreams.o rg/news/2015/03/02/answers -demanded-following-fatal- shooting-homeless-man-lapd -------- The... ...
rudkla - 19. Mar, 09:30

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Trump took $107 million...
Aides to Trump: America Needs to Police the World to...
rudkla - 20. Sep, 06:40
'Genocidal' Trump Blasted...
https://www.commondreams.o rg/news/2017/09/19/genocid al-trump-blasted-threateni ng-totally-destroy-north-k orea Trump...
rudkla - 20. Sep, 06:37
The Trump Nightmare:...
https://www.commondreams.o rg/views/2017/09/19/trump- nightmare-how-it-ends h ttp://www.sharenews-blog.c om:8090/helma/twoday/share news/search?q=nightmare ht tp://www.sharenews-blog.co m:8090/helma/twoday/sharen ews/search?q=Trump http:// www.sharenews-blog.com:809 0/helma/twoday/sharenews/s earch?q=Robert+Kuttner
rudkla - 20. Sep, 06:30
Trump s Response to Climate-Related...
https://www.commondreams.o rg/views/2017/09/19/trumps -response-climate-related- disasters-open-americas-cr own-jewels-oil-drilling http://www.sharenews-blog .com:8090/helma/twoday/sha renews/search?q=climate ht tp://www.sharenews-blog.co m:8090/helma/twoday/sharen ews/search?q=disaster http ://www.sharenews-blog.com: 8090/helma/twoday/sharenew s/search?q=drilling http:/ /www.sharenews-blog.com:80 90/helma/twoday/sharenews/ search?q=Trump http://www. sharenews-blog.com:8090/he lma/twoday/sharenews/searc h?q=Andy+Rowell
rudkla - 20. Sep, 06:26
Trumpcare Is Back, More...
https://www.commondreams.o rg/news/2017/09/18/red-ale rt-sounded-trumpcare-back- more-brutal-and-deadly-eve r Refusing...
rudkla - 20. Sep, 06:23




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