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War in Afghanistan: Operation Enduring Violence
H. Patricia Hynes, Truthout: The war in Afghanistan, which began 12 years ago today, continues despite ever-compounding costs in lives and treasure and the absence of any convincing motive. http://www.truth- out.org/news/item/18791-wa r-in-afghanistan-operation -enduring-violence Keep ... ...
rudkla - 17. Feb, 07:49

The 1st US War on Afghanistan
http://www.lewrockwell.com /2013/09/murray-n-rothbard /the-1st-us-war-on-afghani stan/ -------- Afghan officials say Nato air strike killed nine civilians Afghan officials have said an apparent Nato air... ...
rudkla - 10. Dec, 10:18

Afghanistan: Is It Really the End Game?
http://www.commondreams.or g/view/2013/05/29-2 ----- --- Six Afghan civilians killed, 12 injured in US-led air strike Afghan security sources said four women and a child were among those killed. More... ...
rudkla - 1. Jul, 10:00

Secrecy, drones, prisons and kill lists
Leaving Afghanistan Is a $7 Billion Moving Task for U.S. It will require sending Humvees, helicopters, drones and 12 1/2-ton mine-resistant vehicles home by rail and truck networks stretching from Karachi... ...
rudkla - 10. Jul, 05:32

Karzai, Citing Abuse, Orders US Units Out of Afghan Province
Hashmat Baktash and Shashank Bengali, McClatchy Tribune Agency: New allegations from Afghan President Hamid Karzai accuse US troops of torturing and abducting civilians. http://truth-o ut.org/news/item/14766-kar zai-citing-abuse-orders-us -units-out-of-afghan-provi nce We... ...
rudkla - 17. Mar, 08:09

Hundreds of Afghan Children Killed in US Attacks
By Human Rights Watch The committee said it was ''alarmed'' at reports of the deaths of hundreds of children from US attacks and air strikes in Afghanistan since the committee last reviewed US practices... ...
rudkla - 29. Mar, 05:53

US-led operation kills 4 Afghan civilians
At least four Afghan civilians have been killed and several others have been wounded in a bomb and shooting incident in Afghanistan, NATO says. http://www.presstv. ir/detail/190709.html A fghan officials:... ...
rudkla - 27. Jul, 09:19

US airstrike kills 50 Afghan civilians
http://groups.google.de/gr oup/freepage-news/t/741164 825c05c479?hl=en http:/ /www.sharenews-blog.com:80 90/helma/twoday/sharenews/ search?q=Afghanistan http: //www.sharenews-blog.com:8 090/helma/twoday/sharenews /search?q=Helmand http://w ww.sharenews-blog.com:8090 /helma/twoday/sharenews/se arch?q=Kandahar http://www .sharenews-blog.com:8090/h elma/twoday/sharenews/sear ch?q=Wardak http://www.sha renews-blog.com:8090/helma /twoday/sharenews/search?q =Pentagon http://www.share news-blog.com:8090/helma/t woday/sharenews/search?q=a irstrike... ...
rudkla - 25. Oct, 22:23

War, Killing Civilians and Rush Limbaugh
http://www.lewrockwell.com /orig11/graham-d1.1.1.html -------- Claims of Afghan Civilian Deaths Spark Protest http://www.commond reams.org/headline/2010/08 /12-3 -------- Afghanistan: villagers block... ...
rudkla - 20. Sep, 16:38

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The One Reason America...
By Doug Bandow Pay to play Why then, is Washington...
rudkla - 9. Feb, 05:52
In Less Than Six Months,...
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rudkla - 6. Feb, 05:43
Iraqi Leaders Condemn...
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The Case for Imposing...
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Trump Telling Supporters...
https://info.commondreams. org/acton/ct/33231/s-023b- 1807/Bct/q-003a/l-sf-lead- 0014:208ed/ct8_0/1?sid=TV2 %3A0b5ocDtBE Further...
rudkla - 30. Jan, 08:10




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