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Jimmy Carter Speaks Out Against US 'Oligarchy' and Trump s Diplomatic Failures
https://www.commondreams.o rg/news/2017/09/13/jimmy-c arter-speaks-out-against-u s-oligarchy-and-trumps-dip lomatic-failures Walker and Trump s Foxconn Deal May Be Worst in American History https://www.common dreams.org/views/2017/09/1 3/walker-and-trumps-foxcon n-deal-may-be-worst-americ an-history -------- Trum p... ...
rudkla - 31. Oct, 06:38

'Spectacular Betrayal' as Trump Hands Economy 'Back Over to Wall Street'
http://www.commondreams.or g/news/2017/02/03/spectacu lar-betrayal-trump-hands-e conomy-back-over-wall-stre et Trump Cronies Rewarded as House GOP 'Dirty Trick' Bolsters Big Oil http://www.commondream s.org/news/2017/02/03/trum p-cronies-rewarded-house-g op-dirty-trick-bolsters-bi g-oil Analyzing... ...
rudkla - 8. Jun, 06:32

Would *President* Scott Walker Ask Congress for Authorization Before He Bombed Iran?
Robert Naiman, Truthout: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has previously said that he would undo an Iran deal on the first day of his presidency, regardless of what our allies have to say about it, and now... ...
rudkla - 22. Jul, 06:59

The GOP s Food Stamp Hypocrisy
The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program: While Wisconsin Republicans are clamping down on the apparent plague of lobster-eating poor people that's ravaging their state, they are also happily promoting... ...
rudkla - 13. May, 22:15

Koch Brothers Declare: *Scott Walker Is Our Man*
Brendan Fischer and Mary Bottari, PR Watch: The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) has been covering Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, and his Koch backing, since 2011. CMD has identified at least $11.6 million... ...
rudkla - 22. Apr, 05:57

Why Is No One Talking About the GOP s Plan to Send Millions of Disabled Americans Into Poverty?
Despite their virtues, many conservative Republicans have an unfortunate habit of picking on the weak and disadvantaged, slandering the people least able to fight back. http://www.thenatio n.com/blog/198193/why-no-o ne-talking-about-gops-plan -send-millions-disabled-am ericans-poverty From... ...
rudkla - 6. Mar, 06:10

Beyond the Dead End of American Electoral Politics
Henry A. Giroux, Truthout: An electoral process controlled and corrupted by big money, and vested with only the illusion of choice, undermines the assumption that the coming election will be the highest... ...
rudkla - 2. Dec, 05:41

Funding Teachers Does Not Get Embassies Attacked
David Swanson, WarIsACrime.org: ''We are not out of money. We have stopped taxing billionaires and corporations, and we are funding war-preparation so generously that we are sparking a global arms race... ...
rudkla - 22. Sep, 09:41

Echoing ALEC s Playbook: The Real Story of Scott Walker s Tort ''Reform''
Lisa Graves, PRWatch: ''Walker campaigned for office on claims he would create at least 250,000 jobs in the state by the end of his term, but the first act introduced and passed in his administration was... ...
rudkla - 14. Sep, 22:20

Ron Paul and the Future
http://lewrockwell.com/roc kwell/ron-paul-and-the-fut ure196.html -------- Pau l rallies supporters in Tampa New York Times 08/26/12 In a speech that was part motivational, part valedictory and at every... ...
rudkla - 30. Aug, 08:37

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Trump Year One: Betrayal,...
Thomas J. Scott, Truthout: Since his election, Trump...
rudkla - 20. Nov, 06:30
Donald Trump: God of...
https://info.commondreams. org/acton/ct/33231/s-0038- 1710/Bct/q-003a/l-sf-lead- 0014:208ed/ct14_0/1?sid=TV 2%3AdMW6teKvr Take...
rudkla - 20. Nov, 06:25
Bolstering Case for Impeachment,...
https://www.commondreams.o rg/news/2017/10/10/bolster ing-case-impeachment-study -concludes-trump-likely-ob structed-justice As...
rudkla - 19. Nov, 22:40
Fearing Trump, Congress...
https://info.commondreams. org/acton/ct/33231/s-0072- 1711/Bct/q-003a/l-sf-lead- 0014:208ed/ct2_0/1?sid=TV2 %3AZypwndjis The...
rudkla - 19. Nov, 06:31
We Must Stop Mass Murder
https://www.commondreams.o rg/views/2017/10/05/concer t-las-vegas-funeral-yemen- we-must-stop-mass-murder The...
rudkla - 19. Nov, 06:28




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