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9/11: The Beginning of the End of the US Empire Project
Dahr Jamail, Truthout: The tragic events of September 11, 2001, were exploited by the US government to launch its so-called War on Terror. With over 1 million civilians dead in Iraq and tens of thousands... ...
rudkla - 7. Oct, 05:49

Columbus Lives
By David Swanson It s not too late for us to stop celebrating Columbus Day and every other war holiday, and focus instead on including among the human rights we care about, the right not to be bombed... ...
rudkla - 13. Oct, 09:22

American Exceptionalism and American Torture
By William Blum If the torturers of the Bush and Obama administrations are not held accountable in the United States they must be pursued internationally under the principles of universal jurisdiction. http://www. informationclearinghouse.i nfo/article40524.htm... ...
rudkla - 7. Feb, 06:03

The Real Reason We Are Bombing Syria
http://www.commondreams.or g/views/2014/09/24/real-re ason-we-are-bombing-syria Obama s Novel Lawyering to Bomb Syria http://www.commondre ams.org/views/2014/09/24/o bamas-novel-lawyering-bomb -syria Civilian... ...
rudkla - 13. Nov, 09:40

UN Human Rights Body Slams US Over Targeted Assassinations
http://www.commondreams.or g/headline/2014/03/27-1 D eportation Prisons: Where the Price for 'Blowing the Whistle' is 'Torture' http://www.commo ndreams.org/headline/2014/ 04/04-4 Obama s Record Deportations... ...
rudkla - 11. Oct, 12:04

Time for a 21st Century US Foreign Policy
http://www.commondreams.or g/view/2014/03/24-8 Spy Agencies, Not Politicians, Hold the Cards in Washington http://www.comm ondreams.org/view/2014/03/ 24-6 How One Small School Is Resisting 'Corporate War... ...
rudkla - 21. Jan, 06:11

What stops America from bombing Syria?
http://www.lewrockwell.com /2013/09/no_author/what-st ops-the-us-from-bombing-sy ria/ The Deep Meaning of Obama s Invocation of a Norm Against Chemical Weapons http://www.lewrock well.com/2013/09/michael-s -rozeff/totalitarian-bo/ US... ...
rudkla - 10. Apr, 08:25

The Lie of 'Limited' War Against Syria
By Shamus Cooke The rats are jumping ship. Obama s strongest allies can t stomach the stench of lies that are the foundation of the war effort against Syria. http://www.informa tionclearinghouse.info/art icle36039.htm Chemical. .. ...
rudkla - 9. Oct, 05:01

New Documentary Reexamines the Iraq War ''Hoax''
By David Corn New evidence that Bush scammed the nation into war. http://www.informatio nclearinghouse.info/articl e33971.htm Hubris: Selling the Iraq War Video Documentary We must not allow the perpetrators... ...
rudkla - 1. Mar, 09:27

Governments Have Given Up on the Planet
http://www.commondreams.or g/view/2012/06/26-4 The Failure of Rio+20 is a Wake-Up Call for People Power http://www.commondre ams.org/view/2012/06/27-5 Sizzling Heat, Storms, Wildfires: 'This Is Just the... ...
rudkla - 29. Sep, 06:15

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Enemy Of Our Future
By Lawrence Davidson John Bolton, and his boss President...
rudkla - 21. Oct, 05:31
How Corporate Power Killed...
By Richard Moser Corporate power has replaced democracy...
rudkla - 21. Oct, 05:26
Impeach Trump for Separating...
Trump has violated the Universal Declaration of Human...
rudkla - 20. Oct, 05:43
The Case for Imposing...
https://info.commondreams. org/acton/ct/33231/s-0255- 1808/Bct/q-003a/l-sf-lead- 0014:208ed/ct25_0/1?sid=TV 2%3AtLMrmBFLP -------- C ould...
rudkla - 19. Oct, 05:46
House GOP Passes Budget...
https://www.commondreams.o rg/news/2017/10/05/house-g op-passes-budget-should-no t-be-allowed-humane-societ y Pride...
rudkla - 18. Oct, 09:11




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