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Crimes of the War on Terror: Should George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Others Be Jailed?
http://www.commondreams.or g/views/2016/06/07/crimes- war-terror-should-george-b ush-dick-cheney-and-others -be-jailed -------- U.S. Shields Its Torturers and War Criminals, Now Officially Honors Them By... ...
rudkla - 8. Dec, 06:31

19,000 Iraqi Civilians Killed in Less Than Two Years
By Peter Van Buren Iraq is now an ungoverned, failed state, a killing field on the scale of genocide. http://www.informationcle aringhouse.info/article440 48.htm The Biggest Iraq War Scandal That Nobody... ...
rudkla - 19. Apr, 05:45

The Secret Cheney Operation on 9/11
https://www.lewrockwell.co m/2015/09/no_author/the-se cret-cheney-op-on-911/ -- ------ U.S. First Shields Its Torturers and War Criminals From Prosecution, Now Officially Honors Them By Glenn Greenwald As... ...
rudkla - 5. Dec, 10:56

*Restoring American Exceptionalism*
Dick Cheney Never Disappoints By Jim Lobe Our former vice president really needs to exercise more care in hurling such accusations. http://www.i nformationclearinghouse.in fo/article42752.htm htt p://www.sharenews-blog.com :8090/helma/twoday/sharene ws/search?q=exceptional ht tp://www.sharenews-blog.co m:8090/helma/twoday/sharen ews/search?q=Cheney http:/ /www.sharenews-blog.com:80 90/helma/twoday/sharenews/ search?q=Jim+Lobe ...
rudkla - 31. Aug, 08:24

Poor Tony Blair, Hard as he Tries the Iraq War Won t Leave Him Alone
By Lindsey German Jeremy Corbyn s announcement that if he becomes leader of the Labour party he would apologise on behalf of the party whose then leader took Britain into an illegal war, lying in the... ...
rudkla - 23. May, 22:23

Dick Cheney Should Be Prosecuted for War Crimes: Former International Court of Justice Judge
http://www.commondreams.or g/news/2015/07/08/dick-che ney-should-be-prosecuted-w ar-crimes-former-internati onal-court-justice-judge -------- Where Are They Now? https://www.lewrockwe ll.com/2015/07/no_author/w here-are-they-now/ http ://www.sharenews-blog.com: 8090/helma/twoday/sharenew s/search?q=International+C ourt+of+Justice http://www .sharenews-blog.com:8090/h elma/twoday/sharenews/sear ch?q=ICC http://www.sharen ews-blog.com:8090/helma/tw oday/sharenews/search?q=Bu sh+legacy http://www.share news-blog.com:8090/helma/t woday/sharenews/search?q=C heney http://www.sharenews -blog.com:8090/helma/twoda y/sharenews/search?q=prose cut http://www.sharenews-b log.com:8090/helma/twoday/ sharenews/search?q=war+cri me http://www.sharenews-bl og.com:8090/helma/twoday/s harenews/search?q=Sarah+La zare http://www.sharenews- blog.com:8090/helma/twoday /sharenews/search?q=Philip +Giraldi ...
rudkla - 10. Jul, 08:30

New rules declassifying CIA interrogation secrets reveal horrors of secret prison torture
THE stories of what really happened to prisoners under CIA custody are slowly beginning to leak out. That's not good news for America s Central Intelligence Agency. http://www.news.c om.au/world/new-rules-decl assifying-cia-interrogatio n-secrets-reveal-horrors-o f-secret-prison-torture/st ory-fndir2ev-1227395983144 I... ...
rudkla - 27. Jun, 09:36

The Story of Bush and Blair s Great Lie
By Lana Asfour Why Bush, Blair, and others in their administrations should stand trial. http://www.informat ionclearinghouse.info/arti cle42075.htm Rumsfeld Admits Bush Was Wrong About Iraq NYT Rumsfeld... ...
rudkla - 14. Jun, 05:43

Blair s Wars Created Radicalized Muslims, Says Former Deputy PM
By Telesur Lord John Prescott admitted that he and Tony Blair *were wrong* to invade Iraq. http://www.informati onclearinghouse.info/artic le41251.htm Tony Blair says democracy isn t everything amid... ...
rudkla - 8. Jun, 06:06

Christian College Gives Torture President Honorary Humanities Degree
By William Boardman The American torture president and self-professed Christian, George W. Bush, gratefully accepted an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree from the a University in Texas. http://www.informa tionclearinghouse.info/art icle41053.htm... ...
rudkla - 21. Feb, 10:05

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