Wednesday, 22. August 2018

Michael Cohen Admits to Federal Court That Trump Directed Him to Violate Campaign Finance Laws

After Guilty Verdicts Declared, Senator Warns Trump Any Attempt to Pardon Manafort 'Would Be Gross Abuse of Power'

Paul Manafort Flips: Former Trump Campaign Manager Cooperation Deal With Mueller Probe Includes 'Any and All Matters'

With Nation Transfixed By Kavanaugh Monstrosity, House GOP Votes to Give Rich Another $3 Trillion in Tax Cuts


Cohen Pleads Guilty, Admits to Making Illegal Payments at Direction of Candidate to Influence Election

By Tucker Higgins and Kevin Breuninger

Cohen, plead guilty to eight charges related to tax fraud, campaign contributions, false statements to a financial institution, and unlawful corporate contributions.

Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Guilty of Eight Counts

By Al Jazeera

Jury finds Manafort guilty of eight charges, including tax fraud, but fails to reach verdict on 10 other counts.

Dershowitz: Mueller report will be 'devastating' politically for Trump

Michael Cohen, says Trump made him 'cover up his dirty deeds'

Michael Cohen Says the Donald Made Him Do It. But 'the Fixer' Has Always Been a Crook.

Cohen was a bullying creep driven by greed and ambition long before he went to work for Trump and became a fixer who could not fix anything.

Donald Trump Is Under the Bus

From Information Clearing House


Trump s Disapproval Hits Record High After Manafort and Cohen News

Matthew Rozsa, Salon: President Donald Trump s disapproval rating has reached a record high, and the number of Americans who support special counsel Robert Mueller over Trump is now greater than those who do not. Even on the issue of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whom Trump has repeatedly threatened with firing, Trump s own party doesn t have his back.

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