Wednesday, 11. July 2018

Trump Supreme Court Pick Despises Net Neutrality But Loves Mass Surveillance

Brett Kavanaugh, Trump s Supreme Court Pick, Will Drive U.S. Law Hard to the Right

SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh s Troubling Record on the Rule of Law and the Constitution

Kavanaugh Could Do Irreparable Harm to our Climate and Democracy

Courting Disaster: The Trouble With Brett Kavanaugh s Views of Executive Power in the Age of Trump

Brett Kavanaugh Would Be a Disaster on Climate

Confirming Kavanaugh Would Be a Disaster for Workers and People in Poverty

'President Can t Be Picking Who Might Be His Judge': #StopKavanaugh Meets #ImpeachTrump

Legal Analysis Exposes Kavanaugh s Long History of Siding With Corporate Power Over the Common Good

'Kavanaugh Committed Perjury': New Documents Appear to Show Trump Supreme Court Pick Lied Under Oath Multiple Times

Kavanaugh Pushed for John Yoo, Legal Architect of Bush Torture Program, to Be a Federal Judge


Who is Brett Kavanaugh, Trump s pick to replace Anthony Kennedy?

The man Trump picked to kill Roe v. Wade.

White House does not dispute report that Trump struck a secret, corrupt deal with Justice Kennedy

Brett Kavanaugh racked up huge credit card debt buying Washington Nationals tickets

Brett Kavanaugh's financial disclosure forms show he reported up to $200,000 in debt he piled up on three credit cards.

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