Saturday, 7. July 2018

American Workers, Farmers at Risk as Trump Escalates Trade War With China

Trump s Policies Toward Workers: Drop Dead

Most Workers Are Struggling as Trump and Corporate Media Tout Economic Growth


'The US is on track to lose this trade war,' economist Stephen Roach says

The U.S.-China trade war has moved beyond rhetoric and into 'live ammunition' territory, Yale University Senior Fellow Stephen Roach said.

From Information Clearing House


Trump Cuts Pay for Public Workers and Proposes $100 Billion Gift to Richest 1 Percent

Jake Johnson, Common Dreams: Hours after launching yet another direct attack on workers by canceling a modest pay raise for around 2 million federal employees, Donald Trump said on Thursday that he is considering a regressive and possibly illegal plan to hand the rich another $100 billion in tax cuts by indexing capital gains to inflation.

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