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Die Desintegration des kapitalistischen Weltsystems ist längst im vollen Gange, sie wird nur nicht als solche wahrgenommen

Der Albtraum vom Kapitalismus ist wahr geworden

Acht Milliardäre sind so reich wie die Hälfte der Weltbevölkerung.är

Pentagon Preparing For Mass Civil Breakdown

By Nafeez Ahmed

Social science is being militarised to develop 'operational tools' to target peaceful activists and protest movements.

War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing: ACLU

Our neighborhoods are not warzones, and police officers should not be treating us like wartime enemies

Mentally Ill Man Dies Hooded and Strapped to Chair While Prison Staff Make Jokes

A mentally ill prison inmate has died in custody, hooded and strapped to a chair, following a seizure, while guards are caught on tape stood around joking, and failing to attend to his medical needs.

A SWAT team blew a hole in my 2-year-old son

That s right: Officers threw a flashbang grenade in my son s crib, and left a hole in his chest. It gets worse

Dozens tortured by Chicago police. Amnesty

Torture in the USA? Tragically, yes. Chicago police systematically tortured over 100 people, all men of color, over two decades.

Our Homes Are Not Battlefields: Reversing the Militarization of Local Police


After more than a decade embroiled in wars abroad, the tactics, mentality, and tools deployed by the US military in overseas war operations are coming home to our cities and towns.

Interaction with Salt Lake City police after officer shot dog


Sean Kendall shot this video of his interaction with Salt Lake City police after learning an officer had shot his dog in his backyard.

Video Shows Officer Shoving Man in Wheelchair


Police officer pushing over a wheelchair-bound man who ran over his foot. The officer was only suspended and put on probation.

Death of man stunned while in custody ruled a homicide

Police officer statements indicate he was stunned because he would not stand up at the direction of officers, not because of any combativeness.

Guilty of sleeping on a train

Cops arrest black guy asleep on train coming from work *FOR WHAT*.

More Americans Killed By US Cops Than In Iraq War and Occupation


500 innocent Americans are murdered by police every year (USDOJ).

Police Officer Repeatedly Punches Woman in the Face


The woman is seen walking away from the officer, but he then tackles her from behind, slams her on the ground, and delivered several blows to her head with his fist.

Boy, 16, among five people shot by Chicago police over 36 hours

Chicago police shot and killed a 16-year-old boy as he hid under a car in the Gresham neighborhood, one of five people shot by officers in the city over 36 hours, according to authorities.

German Police Fired 85 Bullets All Year, US Police Use 90 on 1 Person


Torture and Death in America s Prisons

By Andre Damon

This is not happening in some remote *third world* dictatorship, but in the financial center of world capitalism.

The Potential Killers All Around Us

By Dave Lindorff

I have often wondered why so many innocent people who are shot by police end up dead.

This Is What Happens When You Call the Cops


This is what happens when you call the cops:You get your rights violated or you all get shot.

Police teargas crowds protesting killing of Missouri teenager

Violence has broken out again as authorities dressed in riot gear in a St. Louis, Missouri suburb, where an unarmed black teen was fatally shot by police over the weekend, have used tear gas and rubber bullets to try to disperse a large crowd.

Witness Says Michael Brown Screamed *I Don t Have a Gun*

A witness to the Michael Brown slaying says the Missouri teen who was gunned down told an officer that he didn t have a gun and begged for his life.

How America s Police Became an Army: The 1033 Program

As many have noted, Ferguson, Missouri, currently looks like a war zone. And its police-kitted out with Marine-issue camouflage and military-grade body armor, toting short-barreled assault rifles, and rolling around in armored vehicles-are indistinguishable from soldiers.

Not Just Ferguson: 11 Eye-Opening Facts About America s Militarized Police Forces

The *war on terror* has come home and it s wreaking havoc on innocent American lives. The culprit is the militarization of the police.

Another Police Shooting In St. Louis, Just 3 Miles From Ferguson: *Suspect Dead At The Scene*

Residents heard at least 5 shots fired. The suspect approached the officers with a knife in an open-hand grip and screamed *shoot me, kill me now.* One witness described it at 'suicide by cop'.

Hedy Epstein, 90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor, Arrested During Michael Brown Protest

*I have been doing this since I was a teenager. I didn t think I would have to do it when I was 90,* Epstein told The Nation during her arrest. *We need to stand up today so that people won t have to do this when they are 90.*

The death of George Jackson and the birth of the prison-industrial complex

By Dan Berger

As long as the United States continues to police, imprison and kill so many young black men and women, George Jackson will remain a figure whose story needs to be told.

Cop Cleared After Shooting Unarmed Man

Twenty-year-old Dillon Taylor was fatally shot after a Salt Lake City police officer ordered him to get his hands out of his pants. Prosecutors cleared the Salt Lake City police officer who shot an unarmed man last month outside a convenience store, saying his actions were justified because he felt threatened.

FBI and Local Cops Jointly Track *Outside Agitators*

It has only been a little over two months since a white cop gunned down Michael Brown, whose body was left to bake in the summer sun for four hours as if to remind Brown's friends and neighbors and the whole Black world that U.S. police can do whatever they want to a Black teenager in America in the 21st century.

Mentally Ill Man Refuses to Take Medication So SWAT Shows Up and Kills Him

A person running in their house and locking themselves in a room is hardly an act of aggression. However, the MPD treated it as such and responded with its SWAT team.

From Information Clearing House


US Funds "Terror Studies" to Dissect and Neutralize Social Movements

Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report: When American rulers say they are defending US national security interests against all potential enemies, what they really mean is they are defending the prevailing capitalist order against any social movement that might oppose it, anywhere on Earth.

The Rise to Power of the National Security State

Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch: For the *Fourth Branch,* this remains the age of impunity. Hidden in a veil of secrecy, bolstered by secret law and secret courts, surrounded by its chosen corporations and politicians, its power to define policy and act as it sees fit in the name of American safety is visibly on the rise.

Another Unarmed Black Teen Shot by Militarized Police

The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program: On Saturday, 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer. Brown s death has sparked considerable outrage in Ferguson, with protests breaking out all weekend long and continuing today.

Armed With Military-Grade Weapons, Missouri Police Crack Down on Protests Over Michael Brown Shooting

Amy Goodman and Juan González, Democracy Now!: The Missouri town of Ferguson looks like a war zone as police fire tear gas, stun grenades and smoke bombs to break up a fifth night of protests over the police shooting of unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown.

The Killing of Black Men Continues

Ron Daniels, Institute of the Black World: It doesn t matter that there is an African-American president of the United States or that blacks run Fortune 500 companies or are pace-setters as high paid entertainers and athletes; the killing of black men continues.

No Rights That a White Man Is Bound to Respect: The Occupation and Ethnic Cleansing of Africa-America

Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo and Kevin Berends, Black Agenda Report: The illusion that African Americans are integrated into US society is only sustained during periods of détente. When the citizenry rebels against repression and racism, the state exercises the full range of its fine-adjusting tools, including tanks, armored vehicles and assassination teams armed with precision weaponry.

The Price of Blackness: From Ferguson to Bed-Stuy

Darnell L. Moore, The Feminist Wire: If we are to ensure the end of state-sanctioned violence against black people, we must be ready to think through and redress the socioeconomic and class underpinnings of anti-blackness and white racial supremacy.


Militarization of Police Turning Communities into 'War Zones'

SWAT Teams Claim 'Corporate' Exemption From Public Scrutiny

America s Real Foreign Policy: Global Corporatization by Force

Why National Security Has Nothing to Do With Security

Ferguson Police Descend on Protesters with Arrests, Tear Gas, and Martial Law


Police, Media Relations and Disinformation

The Naked Truth About the American Police State

Death of the Old America: nationalism, militarism, and centralization killed it

Teen Shooting Underscores Soaring Police Violence Trend

Pentagon s 1033 Program is Preparing for War Against the Civil Population

Give Up Your Police State or Live Under It

Lessons from Ferguson: Prepping for Civil Unrest and Martial Law


Are you on the terrorist watch list?

Erfolge der Energiewende sichtbar

Etwa 10 Stunden erzeugen heute die Solaranlagen in unserem Land mehr Strom als die Atomanlagen.

Fossile Industrie muss für Schäden und Verluste durch Klimawandel aufkommen

Die weltweit größten Klimasünder unter den Unternehmen müssen für ihren Beitrag zum Klimawandel zur Verantwortung gezogen werden.

Fracking: Gabriels Kehrtwende

Die Fracking-Kritik im Koalitionsvertrag ist nur noch Schall und Rauch.

Fracking jetzt regulieren

Keine Zulassung für Gas aus Schiefer- oder Kohleflözen.

Fracking belastet Atmosphäre mit schädlichen Gasen

Bei der Schiefergasförderung gelangen klima- und gesundheitsschädliche Gase in die Atmosphäre.

Warnung vor Fracking: Umweltbundesamt gibt Fazit eigener Studie falsch wieder

Die Studie wurde bundesweit als aktueller Beleg für die Gefahren von Fracking wahrgenommen.

Fracking stoppen, Fracking-Mythen aufdecken

660.000 Unterschriften für ein Verbot der Erdgas-Fördermethode Fracking.


Fracking trägt zur Luftverschmutzung bei

Österreichische Wissenschaftler haben bei Messungen in den USA festgestellt, dass zahlreiche klima- und gesundheitsschädliche Gase in die Atmosphäre entweichen.

Energiewende-Kosten: Regierungsgutachter widersprechen Gabriel

Geplante Abgabe auf Solarstromanlagen senkt Stromtarife nicht.

Photovoltaik hat Rekordwoche hinter sich

In der ersten Juniwoche haben die Photovoltaik-Anlagen gezeigt, was sie leisten können.

Negative Strompreise werden häufiger

Studie zeigt: Ein Teil der konventionellen Kraftwerke reagiert nicht auf Überangebot von Strom.

Atomkraft: Scheinbare Sicherheit, nur auf dem Papier

Die neuen Katastrophenschutzempfehlungen: Nur ein Papiertiger!

*Sonnensteuer* jetzt auch noch für Eigenheimbesitzer?

Geplante finanzielle Belastung solarer Selbstversorger würde Energiewende ausbremsen, ohne den Strompreis für die Allgemeinheit zu senken.

Keine Bagatellgrenze beim Eigenverbrauch

Die FAZ und andere Medien berufen sich auf Quellen aus dem Bundestag. Dort soll das EEG am 26. Juni verabschiedet werden.

EEG-Reform: Koalition plant Bürokratiemonster

Die Große Koalition will entgegen bisheriger Ankündigungen auch Haushalte mit kleineren Solaranlagen zur Kasse bitten, die ihren Strom selbst produzieren.

Bundesweiter Greenpeace-Protest gegen Europas größtes Klimaverbrechen

Gegen die zerstörerischen Braunkohle-Pläne der ostdeutschen Bundesländer Brandenburg und Sachsen demonstrieren am Samstag Greenpeace-Aktivisten bundesweit in 37 Städten.

Twitter-Sturm gegen Kohle

Internationale Umweltorganisationen fordern Ende der Kohleförderung.

Seit Fukushima: Deutsche Strompreise sinken um 50 Prozent

Die Talfahrt der Strompreise in Deutschland hält unvermindert an.

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