Friday, 21. October 2016

The Debates Are Over, and No One Asked About Climate Change

It threatens the economy, national security and health, exacerbates poverty and racism, and threatens to undermine or compound virtually all other issues discussed on the stage tonight.

From Information Clearing House


'New Era of Climate Change Reality,' WMO Warns

How War Dehumanises Everyone It Touches

By Paul Tritschler

All acts of mass murder are crimes against humanity, and require a gross debasing of other people.

US Air Force Chief Sees Decades of More War Operations

'We have been deploying now for 15 years,' Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein said. 'We have probably got 15, 20 years to go.'

From Information Clearing House

Tuesday, 18. October 2016

Palmölplantagen zerstören die grüne Lunge der Erde

Ölpalmen oder Regenwald?öl

Saturday, 15. October 2016

Erhöhung der EEG-Umlage: Folge falscher Politik

Gestern wurde die neue ´-Umlage für das Jahr 2017 bekannt gegeben: 6,88 ct/kWh. Ein Bericht von Hans-Josef Fell.

EEG-Umlage steigt durch weitere Industrierabatte

Bundesregierung lässt Fehlanreize zur Stromverschwendung unangetastet.

Ausbaudrosselung Erneuerbarer Energien ist wirtschaftspolitischer Nonsens

Schon heute droht Deutschland im Bereich Erneuerbarer-Energien-Technologien abgehängt zu werden.

Kohle, Atom und Gas kommen Verbraucher anderthalb mal teurer als EEG-Umlage

Neue Studie errechnet 'Konventionelle-Energien-Umlage'.

Bundesregierung will bessere EU-Grenzwerte für Kohleemissionen verhindern

In letzter Minute versucht die Bundesregierung, schärfere europäische Grenzwerte für Emissionen aus Kohlekraftwerken zu verhindern.


Strompreis: 'Verlogene Kostendebatte'

Die künftige Höhe der EEG-Umlage steht fest. Union will nun auch der Windkraft an den Kragen.

Friday, 14. October 2016

Trump s Threat to the First Amendment

Kathy Kiely, Moyers & Company: For Donald Trump, the ability to fill a few Supreme Court vacancies could go a long way toward creating weaker libel laws. This would make it easier for public figures to bankrupt news organizations whose coverage they don't like.

Trump Called for Incarceration of Innocent People of Color

Nathalie Baptiste, AlterNet: As the nation focused on Donald Trump s just-revealed boasts about sexually assaulting women, the media pundits and Republicans condemning him largely ignored racial comments reported earlier that day about five young men of color, known as the Central Park Five, who were wrongfully imprisoned for years.

Donald Trump and the Dangerous Rhetoric of Portraying People as Objects

Jennifer Mercieca, The Conversation: On the campaign trail, Donald Trump often uses the rhetorical strategy of 'thingification' as a way to trivialize the humanity, dignity, needs or opinions of those with whom he disagrees. In a campaign that has epitomized the danger of this rhetoric, women are merely the latest to fall victim to it.

Trump s Record: Decades of Sexual Attacks and Blaming the Victims

John K. Wilson, Truthout: The horror of Trump s history of sexual assault is compounded by the mainstream media s complicity. The same media that repeatedly investigated and reported on Bill Clinton s sexual misconduct have never seriously challenged Trump on his broad denials of sexual assault and harassment.

Five Terrifying Things From Trump s Blueprint for His First 100 Days if Elected

Robin Marty, Care2: Donald Trump made one more stab at saving his flailing campaign over the weekend, when he traveled to Gettysburg to announce his blueprint for the first 100 days of his administration if elected. His blueprint was as terrifying as you may imagine.


Donald Trump s Campaign Takes a Fascistic Turn

By Patrick Martin

The West Palm Beach speech demonstrates what Trump has in mind.

Donald Trump accused of sexual misconduct by 10th woman

Karena Virginia appears alongside lawyer Gloria Allred to describe incident involving Trump in 1998, when she says he touched her breast.

From Information Clearing House


Trump s worst answer will also be his downfall

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Donald Trump s Empty Blustering Reveals a Narcissist Who Can t Fathom Defeat

Sunday, 9. October 2016

Donald Trump Counts on Scamming Others to Make His Money

Mark Karlin, Truthout: Over the years, Trump has had close ties to the Mafia, the Russian mob, corrupt union leaders and a major drug trafficker, says journalist David Cay Johnston. Both Trump University and the Trump Foundation are clearly scams. Why aren t media focusing on these issues?

The Latest Vile Trump Revelations

Janet Allon, AlterNet: Over the weekend, Donald Trump s scandals intensified, with producers of 'The Apprentice' claiming to have footage that is more damning than what is already in the public sphere. With only one month left before Election Day, Trump s supporters are dropping like flies.


Trump s indifference to the Constitution


Election 2016: It s a Sad, Sad World

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