Friday, 26. May 2017

Rude Boy Trump Rebuked for Pushing Prime Minister Aside at NATO Summit

The Devastation Trumpcare Will Cause Families in Their Districts

Trumpcare is 'Political Suicide' in Senate

Trump to Hungry Seniors: Drop Dead

Cut Health Coverage and Care for Millions; Cut Taxes for Wealthy


Trump shoved the Montenegro prime minister at NATO

During his first joint meeting with North Atlantic Treaty Organization leaders, President Trump on Thursday appeared to push aside the prime minister of Montenegro.

From Information Clearing House

Thursday, 25. May 2017

Down the Memory Hole: Living in Trump s United States of Amnesia

Rebecca Gordon, TomDispatch: Supplying 'alternative facts' is one way of destroying memory. Erasing real facts is another. The Trump administration s memory holes have swallowed up more than documents and data. People have also disappeared, if not from the world, at least from their government positions.

Trump Praised Duterte s Drug War, Told Him of Nuclear Subs

We or Him?

$80 Million National Network to Resist Trump


Trump s Art of the Deal: Selling Wars and Terrorism

By Finian Cunningham

Donald 'the peace-maker' is sowing decades of further violence in the war-torn region.

Wednesday, 24. May 2017

Trump Escalates War on Women

Trump s Budget Expands Global War on the Backs of the American Poor


Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble for Trump

By Eric Margolis

One increasingly hears in Washington 'what Trump needs is a little war.'

Profit from killing!

Defense Stocks Hit All-Time Highs After Trump Sells $110 Billion in Weapons to Saudi Arabia: Virtually every major publicly traded American defense company hit record highs today immediately after the stock market opened.

The 15 Most Heartless Proposals in Trump's Budget

By Steven Rosenfeld

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney s remarks show they aren t operating in the real world. Not even close.

From Information Clearing House

Tuesday, 23. May 2017

Trump Budget Endangers People and the Planet

Trump s Budget Is Immoral

The Trump Administration s Budget Is a Highway to Privatization

Trump s Budget Is a Blueprint for a Banana Republic-Style Military Dictatorship


U.S. Takes Syria s Al-Qaeda Off Terror Watchlists

By Whitney Webb

Foreign governments will be free to fund and arm al-Qaeda as they see fit.

Trump Administration Seeks to Shut Down Lobbyist Ethics Probe

'This Greed Must End'

The Death of the Republic

Trumped Up Diplomacy in the Middle East

Thursday, 18. May 2017

Handy-Entzug durch Lehrer verletzt keine Grundrechte

Russian Money Laundering Case Abruptly Settled

By Heavy Mettle

This is the case that the Manhattan US Attorney was working on when he was abruptly fired by Donald Trump

First Republican raises impeachment for Trump

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) on Wednesday said reports that President Trump pressed ousted FBI Director James Comey to end an investigation would merit impeachment if true.

For the First Time, a Majority of Americans Polled Want Trump Impeached

A survey from Public Policy Polling released Tuesday finds 48 percent of those questioned support impeaching the president, while just 41 percent would oppose the move.

Bernie Sanders, Kasich weigh in on Trump s competency

'This is not a typical president,' Sanders insisted. 'I don't think this is just a learning curve. I think he's a smart guy, but something else is going on [especially given his] affection for [Russian President Vladimir] Putin.'

FBI Told House Republican Russian Spies Were Recruiting Trump

This new report takes aim at the 'just joking' defense made by Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy in regards to the explosive report that in June of 2016 they were discussing Putin paying Donald Trump.

From Information Clearing House

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