Sunday, 25. September 2016

Drastische Erziehungsmaßnahme: So hart werden chinesische Schüler bestraft, wenn sie mit ihrem Handy spielen

Saturday, 24. September 2016

Bürgerenergie will Energiewende retten

Wirkungsvolle Einmischung in den Bundestagswahlkampf geplant.ürgerenergie

Wednesday, 21. September 2016

Arctic Expert on Sea Ice: We Could 'Reach Zero' Within Two Years

Dahr Jamail, Truthout: The level of summer sea ice could reach zero in one or two years, according to Arctic sea ice expert Dr. Peter Wadhams. This would result in more extreme winters along the Northwestern Atlantic coastline and more intense hurricanes in the tropical Atlantic.

A vote for Trump is a vote for climate catastrophe


'Inconsistent With Reality': Top Scientists Take Aim at Trump's Climate Denialism

Trump to Fossil Fuel Execs: 'You Will Like Me So Much'

Trump s Agenda: A Recipe for Civil Unrest

The Left Underestimates the Danger of Trump


Adelson to Give Trump $5 Million, Only Fraction of $100 Million Pledge, Report Says

The billionaire casino magnate and his wife had earmarked $45 million for this election cycle for GOP candidates.

From Information Clearing House


The Ethical Bankruptcy of the US Ruling Elites Paved Way for Trump

Henry A. Giroux, City Lights Books: Rather than despair or laugh over the spectacle of Trump s media-fueled rise, we should recognize the utter intellectual, moral and political bankruptcy of the extremists now running the US government. We must take note of how that ethical void has set the stage for Trump.

Donald Trump s Gigantic Ego and Why It Could Destroy Us

Douglas Kellner, Truthout: Donald Trump s own books reveal his nastiness and vindictiveness, his out-of-control sexism, and his self-importance. Winning appears to be Trump s only purpose in life and the organizing principle of his existence. To win, he appears ready to do anything.


The Neo-Liberals


The real threat to the Constitution is Trump

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Friday, 16. September 2016

Cybermobbing und Sexismus: Der Selbstmord von Tiziana erschüttert Italien

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Eine junge Frau erhängt sich, nachdem Sexvideos von ihr im Internet kursieren und sie öffentlich verspottet wird. In Italien löst ihr Tod eine Debatte...

Thursday, 15. September 2016

Monsanto and the Poisonous Cartel of GMOs in India

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